Waxing Tips

      Before Waxing
  • Hair must be at least 1/4 inch in length to properly be removed with the wax. Usually this means you should STOP shaving about 10-14 days before your waxing appointment!
  • Gently exfoliate your skin a few days before your appointment. This will help loosen up any ingrown hairs so that we can remove them for you, and will speed up the waxing!
  • Inform me of any medications you are taking, including Retin-A, Renova, Accutane, Differin or antibiotics. These all can increase the rate of exfoliation of your skin. If you wax while on one of these medications you could be chancing removing skin as well as hair.
  • Take a couple of Advil before your appointment as it can help with some of the discomfort.
  • We will NOT wax over sunburned skin, if you are on blood thinners, or any "outbreak" looking areas!
  • Will NOT wax anyone that has been suffering from a yeast infection!!!! This can spread your infection everywhere!
  • Try to refrain from using any lotions before you arrive
      After Waxing
  • Expect the skin to be a little sensitive and red after your first wax. Some experience no redness at all. Others are red for as little as thirty minutes, while those with sensitive skin can feel the effects up to 24-hours post-wax.
  • 24-48 hours after:
  • Don't take a hot bath (shower is OK).
  • No tanning,saunas or steam rooms.
  • Exercising/working out should be avoided for 48 hours.
  • Use a cold compress to soothe the area.
  • Sexual activity should be avoided after bikini waxing. 48 hours
  • Don't use perfumed moisturizers on waxed areas. Apply only gentle or anti-ingrown hair moisturizers.